New Beginnings

I believe it's time for a little update on what's happening in my world. Releasing the Wolf (Rossi Pack #1) is done and now in my editor's hands. It is now available for preorder on iBooks, Kobo and B&N. It will be available on Amazon a couple of weeks before release which is set for December 15th, perfect timing for the holiday season. You can also see the blurb and add it on Goodreads. Today I'm working on Reclaiming the One (Mount Roxby #3), Cain's story. It also seems that I'm going to be writing Jared's story (Mount Roxby #4) along side Cain's, because Jared won't sit back and wait for me to finish with Cain. I guess he's had enough of waiting. I spent Saturday with Jared so it's only f

Cover Reveal: Raise the Fallen by Sam Destiny

Title: Raise The Fallen (AngelBond Trilogy #1) Author: Sam Destiny Release Date: 15th of October 2016 Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Cover Design: Marisa-Rose Shor at CovermeDarling Nala’s life is simple. Walk the lands, free whatever slaves she finds, and keep her head down. No one needs to know that she keeps a dark secret. Yet when Raphael, one of the mighty archangels is captured and imprisoned, Nala has to throw caution to the wind. Determined to make all wrongs right, she risks everything … including her heart. Sometimes though, everything is not enough. Raphael knew he shouldn’t have come to earth to save his race. Weakened by magical ties, there’s nothing he can do … until one o

Live: Broken Jar of Memories by Jamie Summer

Jamie Summer's Broken Jar of Memories is now live. Family first. That's Skylar Austin's motto. So when her little sister goes missing, her whole world threatens to come crashing down in a single night. But then June is found and everything should be perfect, right? Only it isn’t. June doesn’t remember anything — not even the sister she had always admired. With the aid of the sisters’ memory jar, Skylar wants nothing more than to help June regain what she has lost. While her kidnapper is still out there wanting to finish what he started, the Austin family struggles to keep it together. Some memories are buried for a reason. So what happens once they start to unravel? Will they keep the danger

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Aimie is a Yorkshire lass living in Australia. She is a mother to three boisterous boys, two of which are teenagers who drive her crazy on a daily basis.


Aimie has always loved to read and write, paranormal, gay romance and crime/thrillers being her favourite genres. Her characters talk the loudest when she's at the beach or climbing a mountain.

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