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Love Kissed Anthologies Don't miss these LIMITED EDITION boxed sets created to benefit the March of Dimes. Only 99 Pennies Each!! Haunted by Love contains a Mount Roxby short story called Love of Three. Love of Three A late night altercation with a vampire causes Misty—bar owner and witch—to call on a werewolf and a vampire king for assistance. With the slip of a tongue Misty reveals her dirty fantasy. Will the two dominant beings run for the first time in their long lives? or will they jump in with both feet and take what's in their grasp? Haunted by Love Ten of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. With vampires, witches, wizards,


Everyone loves a good freebie. So, here's a list of freebies from a mix of authors and genres. The image is the link. So, if it looks like a genre you read click the image to be taken to the books purchase page. *please note: Some books may only be free for a limited time. Books were verified as free at time of posting.

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Aimie is a Yorkshire lass living in Australia. She is a mother to three boisterous boys, two of which are teenagers who drive her crazy on a daily basis.


Aimie has always loved to read and write, paranormal, gay romance and crime/thrillers being her favourite genres. Her characters talk the loudest when she's at the beach or climbing a mountain.

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