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These books are either anthologies I have a short story in, or are a stand alone story.

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A Knight on the Titanic
A Short Story Inspired by the RMS Titanic

Willie Knight has always been overshadowed by his more outgoing identical twin—Walter. A new adventure lies ahead that gives Willie the opportunity to finally step out from behind his brother and lead his own life, as long as Walt can keep his troubles away. 

Walter Knight has fallen for the local gang leader’s daughter, Betty Davis. Knowing he’ll never be allowed to marry her, he comes up with a plan that will allow them to run off into the sunset. That is until a spanner gets thrown in the works, not once, but twice. 

Can Walt come up with a third plan to allow them to live happily ever after? Or will the fates be against them, destroying not only their happily ever after, but that of his brother’s, too?

*This short story was previously published in Titanic Tales: A Charity Anthology Inspired by the RMS Titanic in March 2018. The anthology was only available for a limited time and has since been removed from sale and all rights for the story have reverted back to me, the author.

A Very Werey Christmas

Shifters, mistletoe and a whole lot of alpha heat are just waiting to be discovered this festive season. 

WINTER'S MOON by R.M. Gilmore
Randy can guarantee the winter's moon will bring two things to her pack: fun and trouble. This year, she's not sure she'd ready either. 

Cadence, alpha to the Denton Pack, isn’t looking for a mate, nor is she looking for trouble, but both arrive in the form of Dane. This Christmas, Cadence will discover just how far she’s willing to protect what’s hers.

NOT EVEN A MOUSE by Dahlia Donovan
This Christmas, feather-tailed glider shifter, Kat Strudwick, and the polar bear shifter, Declan Garett, discover true love where they'd believed only the hell of unrequited love existed.

A chance encounter with a lone Vampire in a small town could lead to the fate Snow, a were on the run, had given up on. With magic in the air, can a Christmas wish come true for Snow and Ink?

Candela wanted a distraction from her meddling family and found it in Blake. But will one night be enough for either of them?

CURE FOR CHRISTMAS by Aimie Jennison
Santa can't perform miracles, but Blake has a risky offer that could answer all of Caitlin's prayers. How far would you go when all hope is gone?

*Please Note: This book is no longer available for purchase. 

CURE FOR CHRISTMAS will be published in a collection of shorts based around the Falls Creek Pack. Releasing Late 2020.

Haunted by Love


Ten of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. With vampires, witches, wizards, shifters, shadow walkers, fallen angels, demons, and a wraith king, you're sure to be enthralled. Be prepared for greed, lust, lies, and betrayal to culminate in coups and menages. After all, the fate of the world often depends on the actions of hot alphas.

Don't miss  this LIMITED EDITION boxed set created to benefit the March of Dimes.

*Please Note: This book is no longer available for purchase.

The story, LOVE OF THREE, will be added to and published as a Mount Roxby Novella. Releasing early 2018.

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Aimie is a Yorkshire lass living in Australia. She is a mother to three boisterous boys, two of which are teenagers who drive her crazy on a daily basis.


Aimie has always loved to read and write, paranormal, gay romance and crime/thrillers being her favourite genres. Her characters talk the loudest when she's at the beach or climbing a mountain.

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