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Character Interview: Jared

Last week, I opened a poll on Facebook, for my likers to vote for a PRIDE TO PACK character to be interviewed. It was quite surprising to see a number of characters named.

Jared was the winner, so I allowed the readers to submit questions for him during the week. I finally sat him down today and asked your questions.

Meet Jared.


Me: *Waves* Hi Jared, thank you for joining me and agreeing to answer a few questions from the readers.

Jared: *Jumps up from his seat and pulls me into a huge hug* (Bel was right when she said he was the best hugger.) I always love meeting up with pretty girls.

Me: Stop flirting Jared, it’s time to answer some questions. *I give him my serious face* This first question is from Kia. Do you regret not having left the pride with Bel?

Jared: *Laughs* Okay, okay. Thanks for the question Kia. I regret not taking her out of that toxic environment a long time ago.

Me: The next few questions are from Rachel. How did you convince your author to write about you and how long did it take?

Jared: Rachel must really love me, if she has a few questions. *Smirks* It was a long time ago when Bel first started talking to you, something like six or seven years ago now. The first time you heard about me was after I hit Benji and if I remember correctly you wasn’t a fan of mine for quite sometime. Once Bel and I filled you in on life in the pride, you jumped on Team Jared.

Me: Yes, I remember hating you at first. Your heroic side won me over though. Who doesn’t love a knight in shining armour? Next question: Did you learn anything from the adventure in your book?

Jared: Pride to Pack was Bel’s book; you will be writing one for me one day, won’t you? *Looks at me panic stricken*

Me: That all depends on you. Do you have a story to tell me? *Grins mischievously*

Jared: You know I do. *Smirks sexily* To answer the question, I guess I learnt you have to let people you love go, if that’s what they truly need.

Me: *Tries not to swoon* What is the most exciting part of the story for you?

Jared: *Runs his hand through his hair* I'm not sure about exiting but finding Bel and saving our friendship, was the best part for me.

Me: What was the worst part?

Jared: Being kidnapped and controlled. That sucked. I’m strong; I have always prided myself on being powerful, but to find that I could be controlled and Theo couldn’t, well that was hard on my ego. I still think Theo was only uncontrollable because he had the power of his pack behind him.

Me: What would you like your author to think about when she is writing the next book?

Jared: Me, preferably meeting a sexy girl. *Wiggles eyebrows*

Me: *Laughs* Of course you do. *Shakes head* This question is from Julie. What made you go into the fight for the first time? Was it because you felt sorry for Bel or because you already had feeling for her?

Jared: *Rubs the palms of his hands on his thighs* Thanks for asking a serious question, Julie. I grew up watching how badly Bel was treated even before she was old enough to duel. I was disgusted with the pride. Their treatment towards her was wrong. She was innocent. That’s the main reason why I stepped in that first time and that’s why I kept stepping in. Yes, I was killing my people, but if they wanted an innocent woman dead then they deserved it. Not all of them died, some did yield in time.

Me: You’re a good guy, Jared. This is the last question and it’s from Chelsea. Do you think you’ll meet your true mate?

Jared: Unfortunately we all don’t get to meet our true mates. I hadn’t been interested in finding my true mate; I wanted to mate with Bel. *Runs a hand through his hair* Watching Bel settle down has made me feel like I need to do the same, the connection of a true mate is worth the wait.

Me: That’s it for today. Thanks again for chatting to me.

Jared: Anytime, sweetheart. *Gets up, pulls me into a hug and kisses me on the top of the head before leaving the room with a wave*

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