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Group Interview

Jared's interview went down really well, so I asked readers on my Facebook page who they would like me to interview next. We decided on a group interview, choosing Misty’s to conduct the interview thinking it’s the safest place, being neutral ground and all.

Walking into the room I can see I’m the last person to arrive. Theo is sitting with his arm slung around the back of Bel’s chair. She has her hand on his knee as she whispers something in his ear. By the smug look on his face it was something that nobody needs to overhear. Luckily they have a table to themselves.

Jared, Ed and Chloe are sat around the next table.

Dominick is sitting at another table on his own.

They all glance up noticing me at once.

Me: Hi <waves> Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

Dominick: <stands from his seat and greets me with a handshake> It’s our pleasure. <drops my hand and pulls out one of the chairs at his table for me.>

The rest of the group greets me with a nod or a quick ‘hello’ as I graciously take the seat.

Ed: How come Jared had his own interview and we have to be in a group one?

Jared: Because I’m far more interesting than you. <Leans away from Ed’s fist, heading for his arm>

Bel: Boys, play nice and let Aimie start the interview.

Me: Thanks, Bel. <smiles gratefully> Are the pack happy with their new Alpha female?

Ed: What wouldn’t we be happy with. <smirks at Bel flirtatiously>

Theo: <Growls> Stop flirting with my mate, Ed.

Chloe: We saw how she found our Alpha and how she led us in his absence. We’d be stupid not to be happy with her.

Everyone glances at Chloe in surprise at her comment.

Chloe: What?

Me: Next question, are the pack worried about the pride interfering with the pack?

Jared: The Pride would never interfere with Theo’s pack.

Bel: They didn’t want me in the first place; they won’t want to interfere now. They will probably be celebrating my absence. They won’t want me back.<grins>

Theo: They’d have a fight on their hands if they wanted you back. <kisses Bel’s temple>

Me: Theo, what are you and the pack going to do about Serena? She can’t just show up like that expecting you to take her in and allow her to stay.

Theo: She has nowhere to go. I loved her at one point and she’s pregnant, I can’t just kick her out on the street.

Chloe: She was once part of the pack, we’ll always be there if she needs us. Whether she knows what we are or not.

Everyone glances at Chloe again.

Chloe: Oh, come on. I’m not always a bitch.

Me: Dominick, what kind of blood do you prefer?

Dominick: Bel’s <glances at a grumbling Theo> Sorry but the lady asked.

Me: Chloe, what happened in your past that caused you to be so clingy to the powerful guys? Why are you interested in only them yet you still tease all the other guys?

Chloe: I haven’t always been in Theo’s pack. My last pack was… awful. Being with a powerful member and acting confident by flaunting my body was the only way to survive. Theo saved me from that pack. I owe him. I owe him everything.

Ed: <reaches out and strokes Chloe’s forearm>

Me: This one is for everyone, what do you think will happen in the future?

Bel: Something less stressful.

Theo: Less painful. I want to see Ed settle down and all the guys flirting with his mate.

Ed: Nah, I’m too much for one chick to handle.

Chloe: In your dreams, Ed. I really want to see him under the thumb.

Ed: Never gonna happen.

Everyone laughs, except Ed

Me: Is there anything you would do differently?

Ed: I wouldn’t assume Paddy had gotten lucky. I was such a bad mate, to just assume that.

Me: This one is for both Theo and Dominick. It seems that Bel means something to both of you. How do you feel about sharing?

Dominick: I’m just biding my time; she’ll be mine eventually. <laughs mischievously>

Theo: <Jumps out of his chair, with a growl, knocking over the table in front of him>

Bel: <Pushes Theo back before he can get at Dominick> Theo, he’s just winding you up. Ignore him.

Me: I’m sorry. I knew that question would cause trouble. I shouldn’t have asked.

Theo: It’s a valid question. <growls> I won’t share.

Bel: You don’t need to share me. I think we should leave. <nudges Theo to try an move him. >

Ed and Jared both help move a growling Theo towards the exit.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me.

Bel: <pulls me out of my chair and into a hug> No worries, We’re happy to do it any time. We should just maybe keep Dominick and Theo separated next time. Chloe jumps up and follows the others out. Leaving me on my own with Dominick who is still laughing.

Me: You are terrible. Do you know that?

Dominick: He makes it too easy for me.

Me: Dominick, do you think that “going good” would ever be an option for you?

Dominick: Where would the fun be in that? <Laughs mischievously>

Me: Dominick, do you think there is the one for you out there?

Dominick: I met my one, a long time ago; it didn’t end well. But in saying that, I’m not like these guys, I don’t believe in just one true mate. I believe there are lots of possible matches for everyone out there, so I might meet another somewhere along the line.

Me: <glances at my notebook> That’s them all. Thank you for being so honest.

Dominick: You could always pay me back by allowing me a drop of blood. Giving me, my feed for the night. <runs a finger along the pulse in my wrist as it rests on the table between us.>

Me: <gulps>

Dominick: <disappears with a pop>

I can see why that move pisses Bel off so much.

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