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New Beginnings

I believe it's time for a little update on what's happening in my world.

Releasing the Wolf (Rossi Pack #1) is done and now in my editor's hands.

It is now available for preorder on iBooks, Kobo and B&N. It will be available on Amazon a couple of weeks before release which is set for December 15th, perfect timing for the holiday season. You can also see the blurb and add it on Goodreads.

Today I'm working on Reclaiming the One (Mount Roxby #3), Cain's story. It also seems that I'm going to be writing Jared's story (Mount Roxby #4) along side Cain's, because Jared won't sit back and wait for me to finish with Cain. I guess he's had enough of waiting. I spent Saturday with Jared so it's only fair today is a day for Cain. I have a coffee at hand and the music playing so I'm all set.

I'll be travelling to the UK in the next few weeks, but I'll have my iPad at hand to write when I have some spare time. I'm originally from the UK so I'm looking forward catching up with family and friends. I'm taking the kids to the Harry Potter studio tours and I'm going to completely geek out. I've already got my Hogwarts tshirt ready to wear. ;)

Thanks for popping by. Enjoy whatever book you may be reading at the minute.

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