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Cover Reveal: Raise the Hopeless (Angelbond Trilogy #2) by Sam Destiny

Title: Raise The Hopeless (AngelBond Trilogy #2) Author: Sam Destiny Release Date: 15th of August 2017 Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Cover Reveal Date: 15th of July Cover Design & photography by: Marisa-Rose Shor at Cover Me Darling


Nala freed the angels and killed the evil witch—at an unbearable cost. Heartbroken, she returns to the only place she’d ever truly felt at home. Wanting nothing more than to suffer in silence, she hides away. But world doesn’t stop just because you want it to. A new threat lifts its dark shadow and the people in the kingdom Nala holds dear are on the verge of starvation. The calls for her to become queen are too loud to ignore, so Nala embarks on a journey to protect her people and hopefully in the end raise the hopeless.

Book one ON SALE for a limited time (also on KU!) PREORDER Book two now for 99c only!

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