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New Year, New Me!

We all start the New Year with resolutions and/or hopes that this one is going to be better than the last.

For me, last year I was focused on moving across the country. In fact, a year ago to the day we had the trucks collecting our many, many boxes. A few days later we jumped on a plane and to be honest we haven't looked back. I can't even believe it's been a year.

Since my family has settled nicely in Queensland and we have a good routine, my main focus in 2018 will be on improving myself personally and work wise. I have lists, goals and plans coming out of my ears, so what I'm saying is be prepared to see a lot from me this year...Well, a lot for my normal pace, anyway.

In the lead up to my trip to Berlin and Belfast in March—I'll be signing at the Titanic Belfast museum on Saturday 24th March—I'm hoping to release a Mount Roxby Boxset (Book 1-3) and Love of Three (Mount Roxby #4). You may remember Love of Three started out as a short story which was released in an anthology for the March of Dimes charity, back in August 2017. It's now had some extra content added and will be released as a novella.

In regards to my personal life, I spent a lot of last year getting used to the single life and being a single parent. When you've been in the same relationship for 16 years it does take some getting used to. Those lonely hours late at night can be the worst. I've got amazing supportive friends like the lovely Sam Destiny, who is always there for me, even in those late hours—different timezones do have pros, people. So, everything I do this year will be with happiness in mind. Happiness for me. Happiness for my kids. Happiness for my friends and family. Happiness for the amazing Sam Destiny. Happiness for my readers. Happiness for the world. Happiness is something we should all strive for, because when we are truely happy, that is when we experience some of the best things in life—Love and laughter being two of them.

Spread a little bit of happiness every day. That will be my motto for the year.

Thanks for reading.

Love hard and laugh loudly.

Aimie XoXo

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