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It's What?

It's February, already? It feels like I blinked and January disappeared. I can't believe we are into the second month of the year.

I managed to stay on track with my goals, hitting the monthly word count I'd aimed for and even doing that a week early, too. Let's hope I can keep up the momentum and have a similar result at the end of February.

What is on the cards for me this month?

I'm currently formatting a boxset for the Mount Roxby Series: books 1-3. I'm aiming to have it ready for release in the next couple of weeks.

Love of Three, Mount Roxby #4 is currently with the editor. Hopefully I can get that back and formatted in time to have it ready to release on March 24th, also having paperbacks available for the Titanic Signing I'm attending in Belfast on March 24th.

That signing is going to be amazing. I can't wait to get there and be able to see the sights that Belfast has to offer.

Thanks for reading.

Love hard and laugh loudly,

Aimie Xo

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