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It's Coming to an End.

With me writing the final book of the Mount Roxby Series I'm feeling a little shaky. On one hand I feel like it's definitely time to wrap it up—after a little revisit to each and every couple of course—but on the other I don't want to say goodbye. These characters have been in my mind for the last twelve years, it will be weird not sharing more of them. I know they'll always be there and I won't say I'll never revisit them for the odd special occasion but not to be actively working on a whole novel for them will be...strange.

It's not like I won't have anything to write afterwards; I have two new series in the works, the sequel to Releasing the Wolf, and some other shifter standalone ideas all waiting for me to give them some attention. My head is full of so many voices. Which would probably make people think I was crazy if I wasn't an author. LOL

I ask this a lot but I'm always intrigued by the different answers I get. Do you have a favourite shifter? Tell me in the comments below.

Cheers for reading,

Love Aimie



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