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The Mount Roxby Series are urban fantasy books that can be read by young adults and adults alike. If you enjoy reading about werewolves, witches and vampires check this series out. 

Pride to Pack
The Mount Roxby Series, #1

Rosabel McGuiness, orphaned Werewolf, has finally decided to leave the Werelion Pride she’s been living with for the last eighteen years. She’s been challenged to one duel too many. It’s time to find a pack to call home.

Theodore Wilson, Alpha of the Mount Roxby Pack, has never cared about finding his Mate. He swore off women when his Wife, a human who knew nothing about what he was, cheated on him. But now a new wolf has walked into town, and stirred up feelings he never imagined he would feel.

Mount Roxby has a plethora of supernatural beings, unbeknownst to the humans that live there. After a series of mysterious disappearances, and fatal attacks on both Werewolves and Vampires alike, Rosabel decides something needs to be done. But can she persuade the Pack Alpha and Vampire King, to put old prejudices behind them long enough to work together, and solve these attacks? Or will one bite too many cause a war?

Forever Young and Beautiful
The Mount Roxby Series, #2

Beautiful eighteen year old Ruby Wilson always wished she'd inherited the werewolf gene like her brothers. They were her father's favourite, leaving her to feel hated, or even worse, like she never even existed.

Once her father took her brothers to live with him in his pack when they reached the age of sixteen, Ruby was left all alone with her heartbroken mother, who turned to drugs and drink, to get through the day.

Realising she needs to get away and accepting her fate she finally starts to settle down and starts to enjoy living as a human among her brothers pack.

Life runs smoothly for a while - until the unthinkable happens. 

And life for Ruby will never be the same again.

Reclaiming the One
The Mount Roxby Series, #3

At nineteen Cain Wilson met his true mate, Selena.

But their short-lived romance was doomed from the start for one simple reason - she belonged to someone else.

At twenty, he killed his father and handed control of the pack to his more capable, older brother Theo.

At twenty-five unable to watch his mate with another, he left the pack and became a lone wolf.

Now at twenty-seven, family troubles have brought him back to Mount Roxby and unbeknown to him, his true mate. Will he be able to put the past behind him and reclaim the one? Or has time built an impenetrable wall around both their hearts? 

MR & iPad.PNG
Mount Roxby: Books 1-3
The Mount Roxby Series Boxed Set: Volume One

Three stories, three wolves, three destinies... 

Theo Wilson lives for being an Alpha, but hurt in the past, he has no interest to find his love—until Bel walks into his town, seeking a new home. 
Running from the pride she's been raised in, Bel has no other choice but to beg the sexy Alpha for a place in his pack—and possibly his heart. 

Ruby Wilson had always been sure her destiny would lie with her brother's pack, especially because there are not one, but two wolves catching her attention. Sadly fate has a whole different plan for her. 
Eddie has always watched Ruby Wilson from the shadows, but when her life is thrown into chaos, he can no longer just watch. 

Cain Wilson left behind the only woman he's ever loved, the only woman he knew was made for him. But two years later, with his sister's life on the line, he makes his way back—and is surprised to find he has a second chance. 
Selena has nowhere to go but back to her ex—and yet when she arrives there, Cain is back, and with him the feelings, the memories, the longing. Will they get a Chance at love or is this the final goodbye?

Love of Three
The Mount Roxby Series, #4

Have you ever regretted a slip of the tongue?

When Misty—bar owner and witch—calls on a werewolf and a vampire king for help, she didn’t consider how mindlessly uttered words would change her life irrevocably.

Billy’s hated birthdays ever since his twenty-first, when he received a gift he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy. At thirty-four though, it seems his shifter fate has decided to give him something that could heal the scars from his past—if only he’ll accept it.

As the vampire king, Dominick is used to getting things he wants. But when he realises those things include a feisty witch and a big bad werewolf, will he be able to look beyond their differences long enough to see what’s there for the taking?

This could be a story about two men, one woman, and whole lot of love… if only they’ll dare to jump in with both feet and take what’s in their grasp.

*Part of this story was previously published as a short story in a charity anthology called Haunted by Love, which was released in 2017. Since receiving back my rights I have added new content and it is now novella length.

Losing Pride
The Mount Roxby Series, #5


Even though he was born to step into his father’s shoes as Alpha, Jared Dorfman left his pride behind in Quilpie. Content with being nothing more than a lone lion and friend to the Mount Roxby Wolf Pack, he helps where he can. 

That is, until he crosses paths with an annoying, yet tempting lioness. 


Saskia Beaumont wants nothing more than to prove herself to her pride. When her Alpha sends her on a mission to bring back his runaway son, she accepts without argument. Returning him to the pride should be easy, but staying away from him on the way might prove much harder. 


The safety of the pride is on the line—and so are their hearts. Can Jared really walk away for good, or will he take on the role he never wanted?

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