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How To Write... Aimie's Way.

I've been sitting on this blogpost for a while now. A couple of weeks back I asked my Street Team for any ideas on what to post. I don't think I'm a very intersting person and have no idea why people would be intersted in what I have to say? My lovely PA, Kia, said she loves reading about the creative process. So, Kia, this one is for you.

I've been writing for years now. I finished my first full novel when I was pregnant with my youngest son, who is six now. I reworked that novel earlier this year and that became what you all know as Pride to Pack.

I love writing in notebooks by hand, but if ideas come to me when I don't have one handy, I'll use anything. My phone's evernote app is full of scenes from numerous stories I have planned. I've also been known to use an eyeliner and the back of a receipt when I'm really stuck.


My family just bought me my newst notebook and Big Ben pen as an early Christmas present, I already know which little novella will be going in here. It will have to wait patiently in line though. since I am working on Forever Young and Beautiful, The Mount Roxby Series book 2, at the minute.

If I'm working on one main book I will try to keep my head clear of any other stories. If they get persistant and I need to write a scene down because I can't hear my main story, over the characers in the new one drowning them out, I'll do it quickly just to clear my head a little.

The writing process has been different for each of my books. I'm a messy writer. I refer to my books as jigsaw puzzles because I don't write in any order. The first chapters I wrote in Pride to Pack, were actualy the final couple of chapters and the prologue was the last. Forever Young and Beautiful is turning out very similar as I had the final chapter written first and I'm missing some middle chapters and the prologue. The Don: Sebastiano was completely different, he was written pretty much in order from start to finish, but I think that was due to the fact that it was co-written and we needed to be sure we were both heading in the same direction. So each chapter was well plotted.

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