The Dangers of Cowriting

If you are part of the Indie Bookworld you will probably have seen the plagiarism allegation that completely pulled the rug from under my feet last weekend. If you haven’t, you can see JM Darhower’s blogpost about it here. My statement addressing the situation here. And you can find Elle’s response, which she told me to share here. Now you are all caught up, I’ll move on to the reason I’m sharing all of this with you. I want to do everything I can to stop this happening to someone else. Elle Raven and I met in March 2014, we soon became fast friends. When we decided to cowrite the possibility of her plagiarising another author never once crossed my mind. She had become a close friend, I had


I'm posting this in regards to a plagiarism allegation that's made regarding The Don: Sebastiano, which I co-authored with Elle Raven. I woke up to an email from another author on Sunday morning informing me that she believed her book was plagiarised by Elle and I. Seeing the document she had attached to her email with the passages from The Don absolutely gutted me. Every one of those excerpts were written by my co-author, Elle Raven. If you read any of my other work, you’ll see that I do not write sex scenes. My own books are fade to black. I'm not an erotic writer and I never will be. Elle was in charge of writing the sex and romance scenes, while I was in charge of writing the gore and v

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Aimie is a Yorkshire lass living in Australia. She is a mother to three boisterous boys, two of which are teenagers who drive her crazy on a daily basis.


Aimie has always loved to read and write, paranormal, gay romance and crime/thrillers being her favourite genres. Her characters talk the loudest when she's at the beach or climbing a mountain.

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